3D Scent

Geo wearing the 3D Scent

The application of 3 different yet complimentary scent on the 3 separate, designated zones of the body. The end result being the creation of a living, mutable, anti fatigue fragrance that constantly evolves as you move and does not permit your nose to get overly accustomed to nor tiring of it. Allowing you and the people around you, to catch a different fragrance combination with every motion throughout your day. It is a “Living Creation”.

Our Precious Liquid scents have been especially designed to be pure and more one dimensional with a distinct fragrance message to convey, thereby allowing the 3D effect to be maximized yet harmonious with other complimentary Precious Liquid scents.





By applying this 3D technique, you enhance your own perception of your fragrance, with a new, living scent and allowing you to enjoy your own fragrance much more as well as enhancing people’s perception of you.

We live in a sterile environment where people’s sensitivities have increased over the years, and everyone is more aware of their fragrance impact; this technology allows you to properly dose the scent with more awareness but still achieving a higher personal olfactory impact.

Your personal scent is like your signature that you leave with the people around you; this 3D effect makes that signature more intriguing and memorable.

Our 3D Scent Line:


Blue Agave
Fresh Vetyver


White Incense
Oud Smoke


Neroli Musk