The divine partnership between model and creator….

While modeling in the New York fashion industry, Geo has created her own label of excellence: ”Precious Liquid”.

The company strategy is to deliver the highest quality product. Her husband, Richard Herpin, a world-renown perfumer from Cannes has more than 25 years of fragrance experience. He serves as the source and is creating with total liberty awe-inspiring scents for her. They exist in the credo: simplicity is the key to originality! They are crafted with an individualistic approach that will make you stand out as a beautifully unique, heavenly creation.

Her generous and complex personality is reflected in her line.


Born and raised in Panama, Geo’s beauty and poise were discovered at a young age. She was recognized for her stunning features and ability to transform her look like a chameleon. Her great energy brought her to Fashion shows, TV and movies. Geo soon started an international modeling career that brought her to New York. Her joyful, radiant personality won over world-renowned perfumer, Richard Herpin and together they created Precious Liquid fragrance collection—for men and women—that features high-quality, natural ingredients that can be worn alone or as a 3D Fragrance for a truly personalized scent.


​“I use them as a fashion accessory to complete the message I want to send out to the people around me. It is like choosing a different color in my wardrobe. I use them as a 3D Scent to match the different seasons I am in. This special collection truly influences my character and well being. Energizing and calming at the same time, they give me a sense of balance.”

With Love, Geo


Richard Herpin sees himself not as a perfumer, but as a translator of expressions and emotions through the medium of fragrance. He is here to deliver the “message in a bottle.” It is a message best delivered with a strong identity, in a scent that breathes with sincerity and authenticity. His approach drives straight to the heart to create the immediate emotional connection.


This approach has served Herpin well in developing more than 200 fragrances. His creations have earned him accolades from the CEW, American Society of Perfumers and multiple Fragrance Foundation awards. They span from the top designers in fashion, like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Badgley Mischka, to celebrity personalities like Lady Gaga, Usher, One Direction and Halle Berry.


Herpin has the ability to design fragrances from luxury to broad appeal. Within the world of niche perfumery, his scents are sold in some of the finest collections. He was included in the first Private Blend collection from Tom Ford, as well as in the collections of Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze, Aerin, Bond No. 9 and Amouage. The world of luxury has taken him to further creating scents for spaces like high-end hotels and runway shows.