Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 2 in

19 reviews for Blue Agave

  1. Alberto Leyba

    this fragrance is very fresh and very smooth. I love the fact that it’s not intrusive and it also stays with you for a long time. Well done for the Precious Liquids team, you have a new fan.

  2. Andrew McCoy

    I really like this fragrance. It’s better than any cologne I’ve tried in a long time. I got to sample this in the sample pack, but I’ll be purchasing this and sharing it with my friends as well!

  3. Tyler Brigman

    Expensive scent, affordable price! What’s not to love? I’ll be coming back as a customer.

  4. Ashley Roberts

    I love the freshness and cleanliness of this fragrance. It’s perfect for a spring or summer day. Not too intense, but just enough to smell nice. Love it!

  5. George Chaffin

    Beachside Margarita. A great scent for a day at the beach/pool. An enjoyable fragrance that will inspire one to be outside. Great job!

  6. Jamie

    Love this one…….on my husband, not me. I find it to be decidedly masculine and would love a more feminine version with all these notes. The pictures posted to advertise this fragrance are spot on. That’s exactly the feel of this and it’s fantastic, the type of vibe I gravitate to in a scent. Just wish I could wear it myself🙂

  7. Andrew P

    Fantastic performance. Great scent. I ordered a sample kit and although it’s close between this scent, mandarine, and neroli musk, I have to say blue agave tops them!!

  8. Drew

    I discovered Precious Liquids through the ScentXplore event in Dec 2020. I have amassed a collection of about 55 bottles of fragrances over the years, but I have to say Blue Agave very quickly became not just one of my absolute favorites, but also my new signature scent. I got a bottle for Christmas and wore it around a small group of friends for the first time on New Years. I got two compliments within my first hour of being there. I could still smell it on myself the next morning. The longevity is terrific, easily get 8-10 hours no problem.

    I can’t describe how incredible this cologne smells. It is extremely masculine, fresh, and perfectly blends a salty, sparkling, aquatic accord that truly is reminiscent of the beach. And somehow, it still is a perfectly appropriate scent for winter. It is so uplifting and confidence inspiring, the feeling every person wants to get when they wear a fragrance. Believe me when I say this one is truly special.

    If you told me I could only keep 3 bottles out of my collection, Blue Agave would be in it. I never thought I would smell a fragrance that I enjoy more than Acqua Di Gio Profumo, but Blue Agave
    gives me that same level of confidence and joy that only the fragrance you believe was “made for you” can. I will own a bottle of Blue Agave for the rest of my life. It is absolutely majestic and a true work of art.

    If you enjoy Eau Fraiche or Pour Homme by Versace, or Profondo by ADG, I think you will absolutely love Blue Agave.

  9. Dawid

    Salty, Fresh, citrusy, Interesting. A non professional nose’s opinion. Although not my style, it smells quality and smells good.

  10. Mark Persaud

    One of my fondest memories of late is vacationing in Hawaii. The blue ocean, salty warm air is reminiscent of paradise on earth. This fragrance is that memory in a bottle. The scent itself is sophisticated, unique yet familiar, and becomes sweeter as it dry’s down. I would say it leans masculine and casual. Whether or not the sun is shining, this scent will bring a smile to your face. It is possibly the best aquatic or “blue” scent available.

  11. Scott Aromatico

    A Summer Freshie Masterpiece! I imagine myself sitting on the Rocks bathing in the Hot Sun when a wave comes crashing against the rocks and I feel invigorated by the sea spray! Over dramatic but that’s how I feel!

  12. Eric

    Amazing. Blue Agave has to be the most underrated fragrance in the game. This stuff smells amazing and lasts forever. I don’t think it smells like Fierce but there is something in the drydown that reminds me of it so I would put it in the same family of fragrances like those and to me that’s a good thing because the OG Fierce was what got me into fragrances. Blue Agave is pure class and I would place it in my top 5 right now if I had to make a list.

  13. Blayden A

    Summer perfection! A fresh citrus, slight salty, but very masculine fragrance. Strongly recommend getting!

  14. Sherin Thomas

    Love to get a bottle of Blue Agave. I got a sample and I was blown away

  15. Chad Roasa

    Very fresh, blue aquatic fragrance with a strong base of deep scents of good smelling incense and wood notes. Like the other fragrances, this is very good quality.

  16. Kenneth Carter

    I bought a sample pack a while back and I have tried all of them, and I have to say this is my favorite one.

  17. James Payne

    I had been on the lookout for a fresh summer fragrance that stood out from the crowd. When I received the sample set from Precious Liquid, I immediately loved Blue Agave. It was exactly what I was looking for. Aquatic but unlike any other aquatic fragrance with a bit of wood and slightly spicy, but extremely well blended and perfectly light for summer heat. Needless to say, my sample disappeared very quickly.

  18. Rahul Gupta

    Blue Agave is one of my favorite fragrances and my wife immediately knows when I’m wearing it! Quality scent as it lasts so long sometimes even until the next day! Richard is an Artist!

  19. KidFragrance

    Kid_Fragrance here with another review and this time we are choosing to go the summer with Blue Agave! it is a sexy woody, aromatic, fragrance that last all day long and has a 100 percent compliment factor. I feel my previous sample purchase has given me the confidence to purchase a full bottle of this amazing elixir! Plus I stand with the couple and the hold dear!

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