Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 2 in

11 reviews for Mandarine

  1. John

    So fresh and juicy on first spray
    But I like it even better a few hours later
    People keep asking me for what I am wearing

  2. Jessie Miller

    Love this! Not overwhelming but lasts long enough for your value. Very pleased.

  3. Bibiana

    The Mandarine is wonderful! It is juicy and sweet while also remaining tart and fresh. You feel invigorated and happy when wearing it. The clean wood notes in the back make it quite long lasting. Mandarine is a great fragrance for anyone to wear for any occasion.

  4. Jamie

    Mandarine has a beautiful sparkling opening, but no sharp edges sometimes associated with citrus. This is a natural sweetness like you might get from a mandarin orange, but nothing sugary about it., just all natural and fresh. After about 15 minutes, the initial burst of citrus settles in and marries with the tartness of the rhubarb note to create a unique combination. I don’t pick up the base notes specifically, but together they all form a base that anchors the scent and keeps it going. It retains a freshness about it throughout the dry down. This is more of a skin scent on me, but I still get a good 2 hours where it’s readily detectable, and am happy to respray as needed to catch of whiff of that gorgeous opening again! This is a great scent for any occasion, but seems to fit better in the daytime/summer category. I don’t care too much about those categories and just wear whatever makes me happy – and Mandarine definitely does that!

  5. Samantha Brooks

    This perfume smells very expensive, but the cost is very reasonable. I’d happily wear this out to any occasion. This was my favorite out of the collection, but I’m excited to explore further.

  6. Dawid

    Very Citrusy. Freshly Peeled Mandarine. I can just imagine myself wearing this in the hot heat and feeling so nice. It has that fresh mandarine and some musk. Do I recommend it, yes. It smells very good and quality.

  7. Scott Aromatico

    This Fragrance reminds me of the song by Lionel Richie Easy like Sunday Morning! It reminds me of a quiet early sunrise on a lazy morning nothing but the birds singing their praises and your quiet tranquil thanksgiving for all that you have been given! Blended to perfection and invigorating and peaceful all in one!

  8. Michael Adams

    Great quality. Very likable fragrance. All Precious Liquids samples very wearable.and polished.

  9. Chad Roasa

    The citrus is very real smelling and a good balance with the rhubarb and rosemary in the opening. It has good projection at arms length for at least a couple of hours. As it dries down, the mid and base notes come alive and blend for a little while with the citrus. Once the citrus is less apparent, there is a good balance of cedar and musk which stays a skin scent for quite a long time. This scent could work in all seasons and more during the day than night. I think it would also be office safe and many people will enjoy this scent. I think it is a more masculine scent. It is very pleasant and worth the price since it is very high quality.

  10. babasola odubela

    Its not overpowering, it has this airy fresh cool and smell thats very pleasant

  11. Rahul Gupta

    The potency of this fragrance is on point! Citrus really has an excellent balance without being too strong, highly recommend!

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