Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 2 in

9 reviews for Vanilla Orchid

  1. Mary Wilson

    Sweet and precious. One of my new favorite fragrances!

  2. Stacy Wareham

    Very tastefully done. Classy yet fun. I love it!

  3. Debra Cook

    As someone who’s used different lotions and perfumes over the years, “vanilla” has been one of my my go-to’s. Sometimes different brands make their vanilla fragrances too strong, but not Precious Liquid. This is subtle yet sweet. Happy I found it!

  4. Lexuan (Aaron)

    Gourmand! Delicious fragrance that smells like a Vanilla Tiramisu. It is a great date night fragrance, especially for ladies! Buy it!

  5. Dawid

    Yummy Vanilla, I feel this one leans more feminine, maybe because I love how it smells on my Fiancé. Very delicious vanilla to my nose, so creamy and smooth. This is one I think would be a perfect gift your partner. It smells very good and quality, instantly off the first spray I can smell the quality in the air.

  6. Mark Persaud

    Indeed, Oil and perfume does delight the heart – but this fragrance touched mine. It is breathtakingly beautiful. It is unisex and unifying; the natural sweetness of vanilla is enhanced and masterfully blended with the other luxurious notes to create a masterpiece that is ideal for most seasons. If faith, hope and love are senses of inspiration; then this scent evokes these feelings. 10/10

  7. Chad Roasa

    The vanilla, tonka, and fig combination is very good and enjoyable when my wife wears it. She enjoys the scent but isn’t big into fragrances. This one is in her rotation of just a few bottles. Excellent quality and will not disappoint!

  8. Chioma

    The most amazing scent. I just love how I feel when I wear this. It just smells so natural, warm and beautiful. I’ve never once worn this without someone asking what am I wearing. It’s simply exquisite. So much so that my mom has taken my bottle and I will be getting another one asap!

  9. Linda

    This is a beautiful and sensual vanilla orchid and fig perfume. It reminds me of what a Bride would perfume herself w/ on her honeymoon. This is almost a gourmand perfume, but it holds back because of the orchid note which still gives it a floral tonality. Delicious w/out smelling like food, it is a sugared vanilla floral and fig delight that captures the warmth and sensuality of true love.

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