Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 2 in

17 reviews for Rose Blanche

  1. JS

    I got the traveling scent as gift and it’s absolutely amazing. There’s a scent for every mood. I find Rose Blanche to be absolutely divine. It wasn’t too heavy and I love that it can easily transition from day to evening without being overpowering. I feel like the white rose smell is rarely captivated properly, more attention is given to red and pink roses. I found the perfume to be bright and soft at the same time. It has a nontraditional rose scent that is warm with woody undertones.

  2. Ryan Liles

    Really lovely. I got to try this in the sample pack, and I’m going to buy a full bottle for my wife as a gift.

  3. Betsey

    This incredibly sweet scent of Rose Blanche is exactly what I have been looking for. This scent is not strong and it can be used in the daytime as well as in the nighttime. The scent will last days, it definitely lasts long on skin and on clothes. From all of the scents this is absolutely on my favorite list for its softness and aroma of spring flowers. I truly recommend it to everyone! Give it a try!

  4. DeeDee M Fumey

    Try this…blend this Rose Blanche with the Mandarine! Spray on the 1st scent and let it dry then spray on the 2nd one….beautiful!!!! I bet you will agree!!!

  5. Ava Bremer

    Rich, soft, natural. A hard scent to nail down. I’m very impressed and happy with this.

  6. George Chaffin

    A wonderful white rose. My wife is not for florals for either of us. But, even she commented on how nice the scent was. If you enjoy florals, especially rose, do not pass this one up! Wonderful!

  7. Tommy Y

    Very pleasant and beautiful, definitely impressed by it. I usually wear Declaration d’un Soir as my Go-to Rose, but this one is more gentle/soothing leaning a bit more feminine, whereas DDS is spicier/bold and more masculine. The former is louder on the Rose scent, the latter more Floral. Great job!!

  8. Jamie

    This is an outstanding rose fragrance! I recently tested Frederic Malle Une Rose and Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady. While those are both beautiful, I find one to be too pink, dewey, and innocent and the other to be too red, dry, and austere. So enter Rose Blanche which isn’t “too” anything except for too perfect! It captures the best of everything including authentic white rose, subtle spice, and perfectly blended woods. It radiates off my skin and gives good projection and longevity. Scent is so subjective that you should probably always sample before purchase but IMHO this would be a totally safe blind buy whether you’re a rose lover or not. At this point it’s topped other rose fragrances I’ve sampled including Jo Loves, Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Frederic Malle, and Parfums de Marley. That’s impressive! I suspect there’s a full bottle in my future!

  9. Adam Reid

    Beautiful, delicate, and fresh. It is perfectly unisex and I was really impressed with it’s longevity. My wife even complimented me, and she is pretty hard to please with fragrance! I’ll look forward to coming back to it soon.

  10. Lexuan (Aaron)

    I am a fragrance reviewer who owns 250+ bottles and has smelled over 2000+ fragrance in total. This is the No.1 Rose fragrance of all of them. Elegant, clean, natural, but not too sweet and not synthetic. With the price, it is a big +! I just purchased the 50ml!

  11. Blake

    Ok. This is a seriously magical little potion that confounds me to no end. It’s perfectly balanced, perfectly unisex, and perfectly rosy-floral that remains elegant and never heavy in the least. I feel I’ve smelled all the rose fragrances a dozen times over to where I’ve grown annoyed by them. Annoyed at the over abundance and annoyed that none ever seem to suit my taste.

    But this…. this is phenomenal. Can’t get enough of it. And yes, I’m a dude…. a dude that thinks this is so fantastic I don’t even share it with the wife haha. So, any guy out there that appreciates florals, or has been looking for a nice wearable unisex floral that doesn’t smell like your grandma-in-a-bottle…. this is it. This is some primo sauce that everyone can enjoy.

  12. Dawid

    This one I was expecting to smell bad, I hate rose. To my surprise the rose in this is very classy and not so heavy as some fragrances. This smells very very classy. Like a woman dressed up to a fancy dinner. Its floral and definitely for a woman (Even if a man wears it, its just my opinion on who I imagine wearing this).

  13. Colleen Fodor

    I am truly obsessed with the beautiful Rose 🌹 fragrance!!! As soon as I put it on I pictured smelling a boutique of roses. It’s light, fresh, and sweet! Perfect balance too, not over powering but noticeably there. I get compliments all of the time on how lovely I smell! As soon as I come home from work I want to put more on. It makes me feel clean, fresh & beautiful! I am totally addicted!! Thank you so much Geo for introducing my family to your wonderful fragrances! My husband loves the Blue Agave & Musk. My daughters love the Mandarine & Orchid! God bless! 🙏 Wish you the best of luck with your growing business. ❤️

  14. Chad Roasa

    Outstanding rose fragrance which smells of a rise garden my wife and I like to visit near Dallas, Texas.

  15. Mrs. Beatz

    I have had the pleasure to enjoy Rose Blanche for 5 months now and this scent is in my top 3 all time favorite scents. It’s delicate, floral and elegant in every way. The scent carries effortlessly throughout the day without being overpowering and I constantly get compliments so that’s always a plus.

  16. Kenneth Carter

    This is my second favorite of the bunch I really like the rose in it and how well it blends with my body chemistry.

  17. Linda

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard you could get 5 samples from Precious Liquids for $5! This is a premium brand, so I ordered the sample kit right away and the samples are very generous. I loved every single one of them, which never happens when I order sample kits. Rose Blanc is a beautiful white rose and lily of the valley bridal bouquet. For me it captures the heart of a pure, honest and true love that happens only once in a lifetime. I wish I had had this perfume when I married my husband because it is the perfect bridal scent. Rose Blanc captures the feelings of purity, honesty, romance and femininity and you can tell it has been crafted w/ delicate care. Simply stunning.

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